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‘Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.’

— Brené Brown

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How well do you set your personal boundaries?

Boundary setting is common practice for therapists and coaches in their work. However, our work is not our life – we have a life separate yet connected to our work.

I was surprised to learn that the term and practice became common just 40 years ago.

Our boundaries help us to determine what is acceptable, and unacceptable, to us.

A boundary is of no use if we do not assert it with other people – boundaries are about some form of personal interaction.

Speaking up, and talking about your boundaries, helps you feel more comfortable.

Learning that “no” is a complete sentence, as Anne Lamont famously said.

Only when the discomfort exceeds the discomfort of asserting our boundaries will we act – often the fear of asserting boundaries prevents action and leads to discomfort and even injury (physical, mental, spiritual).

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