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‘Now I am in my eighties, and I have known the joys and sorrows of a full life. Age, however, has its privileges. One is to reminisce, and another is to reminisce selectively.’

— Rose Kennedy

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I had one of those moments today where a little chain of thoughts connected.

A track came up in a Spotify playlist – one of those ones it creates for you so you can explore the boundaries of what you already listen to.

A remastered Genesis track came up – Watcher of the Skies from the album Genesis Live (1973).

I can absolutely remember the very first time I heard that track!

And for added reminscensability, it was recorded at De Montfort Hall in Leicester – I lived about half a kilometre from and worked at regularly (stage crew).

I first heard the track at a friend’s house (Rob now Bob) – he lived on Brooklands Avenue in Sale and a small group of us (4 maybe?) listened to a lot of music together, guided by a musical mentor (Mark).

With the power of Google maps, I could go and see the area, which doesn’t appear to have changed much in 50 years.

I may not be in my eighties but that was a mighty powerful (and selective) reminisce!

Does this happen to anyone else?

(Isn’t reminisce an odd-looking word?)

Memory Lane in my photograph runs through the middle of The Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital in London.

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