📅 Thought for today:
‘You can get away with a lot of s**t if it looks like it`s all you know how to do.’
— Henry Rollins
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If you are British you will know immediately why this quote is in my mind today.
For everyone else, recent UK political events will solve the mystery.
Getting away with it, pulling a fast one, and deceiving people can be quite hurtful if you are on the receiving end.
There are serial practitioners who do this with their personal relationships or partners – consistently.
And some gain pleasure from knowing they duped someone else.
Underneath it all is some uncomfortable truth about their upbringing, values and core beliefs.
People do what they do for a reason and people who do bad things are not bad people.
Some of these traits start to aggregate into labelling – we like giving and being given labels.
I generally avoid labels, particularly in the medicalisation of mental health.
Yet some people just live up to the words we use to describe their behaviour – lying scumbag for instance – and it makes us feel good at that moment. It would be professionally unethical to describe someone this way, I’m glad that today I am a normal human being, just like you.
BTW I had to asterisk that word to comply with social media censorship – there is a whole other post I can write about that – I wouldn’t normally bother with asterisks!

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