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‘Living in the midst of a world where there was a plethora of the new I attached myself to the old.’

— Henry Miller

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Lord Alan Sugar has described people who want to work from home and have flexible working arrangements as “lazy gits”.

He has also described working from home as “complete BS”.

I’m not sure why we listen to him, but I know he’s had his day.

His world of work involves telling people what to do, shouting, and promoting himself.

The times have changed and he has not.

The Victorian workhouses gave way to the office with crap management – another kind of workhouse.

The inability of these workplaces to understand how to engage and manage a workforce led to the demise of many a “giant” of industry.

People who gained their personal wealth on the back of the under-appreciated hard work of “the workforce”, continue to gain our attention.

They splash their cash and opinions because they can and their ego demands that they do.

Some have described Lord Sugar as a dinosaur, but they didn’t know about the comet, whereas Sugar does and chooses to rail against it.

Good luck with that.

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