📅 Thought for today:
‘The strongest presence is so often an absence.’
— Steve Rasnic Tem
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I studied photography as a student and got paid work almost immediately.
I have dipped back into it at times, something will spur me on to pick up the camera(s).
Yesterday, I had a day out and decide to take no cameras except my phone.
Naturally I took pictures, lots of them, anything that caught my eye.
I often take pictures in crowded places with no people in the shot.
In a landscape this is relatively easy, in a crowded gallery and art venue, it is much harder.
In the picture you see here, I know (because I noted it at the time), that a couple has just gone through that doorway on the right, and another couple has just drifted past me to the left, to join a group of about a dozen people on a tour.
There is noise, hubbub, and chatter, all going on around me.
This is Salts Mill in Yorkshire on a busy Saturday afternoon.
There is something about the difference between what you see, and what I know is actually happening, that pleases me. I love to do this in cityscapes, capturing that fleeting instance when everyone has moved out of the shot, presenting a scene devoid of people.
The scene is unusual because the people are invisible.
I hope now the quote makes sense to you as it did to me.

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