📅 Thought for today:

‘Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.’

— Pablo Picasso

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On Monday, at our Confluence Circle in Bicester, we explored the Colour Mirrors system.

I found it interesting the way a specific bottle of colour “called” to me.

As Elaine was setting up the many colour bottles, each with two colours in them (mostly), one stood out instantly.

I instantly thought of a restless sea, all rolling waves and constant motion.

Only later did I discover that the top layer contained copper.

I am very drawn to copper – I have copper lamps in most rooms, I have one here next to my desk.

Yet to see the copper you had to look a lot more closely than I did at first blush.

I think it is too easy to be sceptical about such things.

I far prefer to just observe and let things be, and allow some wonder and mystery into my life.

That bottle I chose is called Atlantis, no wonder I thought of the sea!

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