📅 Thought for today:
‘Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings.’
— Jonathan Lockwood Huie
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I have had several client endings in recent weeks.
This is remarkable (as in, worthy of the remark) because, in my one-on-one work with clients, I don’t actually have a lot of clients, and so endings are relatively rare.
Endings will generally come when a client decides they don’t want to see me anymore.
More often than not, this is because they have reached a place where the time and expense of sessions is not necessary or needed anymore.
I will celebrate this because it means our work is done.
Ultimately my work is all about endings – when I start with a new client, I know an ending will come soon enough.
Still, several “normal” endings in two weeks will be cause for some reflection.
We seek meaning in patterns and coincidences. I see none here, it is just a coincidence, not least because these were different types of clients on different continents.
I am fond of saying that they will always be clients even if I never see them again, even if the memory of our work together may fade with time.

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