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‘I’m always late for things and always feel like I’m rushing.’

— Poppy Delevingne

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“Slow things down, take your time.”

The words of my supervision teacher, Joan, but also I realise, the words of my therapy teacher, Gill.

This seven-year journey of mine, heading in a completely orthogonal direction to my prior life, has involved a great deal of slowing down and being present.

When I come to reflect on this, as I did my morning writing today, all the activities of my new life involve slowing down – mindfulness teacher, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, and now a supervisor.

I don’t include coach, because I have been coaching and mentoring for more than twenty years.

I would add curiosity into the mix, be curious, not judgemental, take your time, tune out “past” and “future”, they are constructs in your mind. What are you experiencing right now?

As I have learned to slow down, to do things at the pace that I choose, so I have helped my clients do the same.

Why are we rushing? What are we rushing towards?

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