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‘Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.’
— Robert J Hanlon
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This is “Hanlon’s Razor”.
It is also often attributed to Napoleon and a whole host of other people, and similar things have been said for many years. Sometimes stupidity is replaced with incompetence.
As ever, I used the Quote Investigator website to check out the many and varied citations.
I chose the quote (with incompetence) in reference to management by fear. I have seen recent examples of this and can describe managers exhibiting management by fear going back decades.
More recently they have been the ones that describe themselves as compassionate or empathic managers, who tilt their heads to indicate sympathy and carry significant personal anxiety into the workplace.
It is rare for me to get the opportunity to work with such a manager, they don’t actually think they need to change anything.
More often than not I work with the people who report to them. Sooner or later these people decide for themselves to either usurp the manager or leave the company.
Yet I find myself turning towards the managers, wishing they would let me work with them, help them to change. I recognise their fear. If they don’t want to change, there is nothing I can do.
Yes, the story today about BrewDog also brought this to mind.

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