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‘Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it.’
— Chuck Palahniuk
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We are not quite two weeks into 2022, and a common topic of discussion with clients so far is change.
I don’t for a moment pretend that my experiences with my clients represent the world at large, I am just observing and reflecting on what I am experiencing.
Yet change driven by a growing awareness of emotional responses to situations has come up a lot.
This seems to be a combination of the inevitable start of the year planning and prior year reflection.
A question I often ask is, “What is missing for you?”
And the answer I get back is, “Joy”.
This is followed by a conversation about what needs to change to bring joy into your life, and so far the most common answer has been around changing what they do at work.
I know that it often seems that change is not possible, not an option, scary, or even existentially dangerous.
Seeking joy is allowed, it is OK to say I want more joy in my life.
Sometimes that needs change within before it needs change without.

A young athletic woman is jumping as she grips a long, green piece of fabric that’s flowing haphazardly in the wind. The brunette woman is wearing green capris and a white shirt. The sky is dark blue, and the grass is a verdant green.

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