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‘What’s right is what’s left if you do everything else wrong.’

— Robin Williams

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Reflection, in order to learn and grow, is intrinsic to my practice.

Whether I am offering coaching, therapy, supervision, or facilitation, I reflect on what I do.

I teach this as part of all my training courses.

Yet very few people utilise it – “it’s a faff”, “it takes time”, “it is ‘stupid'”.

The reward comes later and is not obvious. I* need to find a better way of encouraging it.

I have a simple mantra for basic reflection:

What went well, what didn’t go well (or as expected), what would I do differently next time?

The latter one is difficult. Everything changes all the time, so you can never be in exactly the same situation twice – you change, the circumstances change, the environment changes, other people change.

What works one time might not the next time – and vice versa.

This means you have to reflect on your reflections – how useful were they really?

This is where a supervisor comes in – they are someone who “walks beside you” as you reflect.

Maybe I should just adopt Robin Williams’s approach after all.

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