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‘I believe it’s our responsibility to show our communities the value of all people, to celebrate differences, and to take a stand for acceptance and inclusion.’

— Julie Foudy

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This week my thoughts are on the Christmas gifts we can give that are valued yet have no financial price.

Yesterday I gave you companionship and today I give you acceptance and this quote from Julie Foudy, an Olympic gold medallist and former soccer player.

I believe that acceptance is necessary for a peaceful life and that what we practice every day becomes our normal.

Acceptance is not the same as forgiveness or forgetting, it is the act of allowing ourselves to be at peace with events and people.

So accepting that events in the past are just that – in the past. They cannot be re-written and we have a choice whether we carry them lightly or heavily.

Acceptance of people’s actions and behaviour as driven by often unseen motivations and influences.

Acceptance of ourselves just as we are.

Acceptance of others just as they are.

Acceptance that imperfections and mistakes are a normal part of everyone’s lives, including ours.

Acceptance that what we have gives us more privilege, more comfort, more safety and more security than many other people, whether they are close to home or far away.

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