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‘There comes a point in politics where loyalty to the party is disloyalty to the country.’

— W A C Harvey

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This is one of those quotes that has been in my “databank” for a while – when I first started using a quote every single day I thought it would be a good idea to collect some favourites in case I wanted to use them.

This one has been in there for over a year, and today it feels appropriate as the UK Government struggles to explain why we had to cancel Christmas last year when parties and quizzes were taking place for senior Government staff in person.

Dissent is rising in the ranks of the Ministers as they realise that some people in power believe that “some people are more equal than others”.

Loyalty to the party at this time is likely to cause the kind of conflict of interest the public does not want to see. Far from “levelling up” what we are seeing is Animal Farm played out as Christmas Panto.

I don’t often comment on political issues, or religious ones, because I am not writing for an audience. I am today sufficiently aggravated to use this quote!

Today I shall mostly be listening to Animals by Pink Floyd, if you know it you’ll know why.

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