📅 Thought for today:
‘Perseverance doesn’t always mean winning and losing. Perseverance means showing up and rising to the occasion and performing.’
— Michael Chiesa
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I waited to post today until the Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi was decided.
I had to wait until the last lap in a race that is sure to divide opinions.
Yet the fact is that Max Verstappen won the race on the last lap, to make him world champion barring any off-track shenanigans.
What a season, what a battle between Lewis and Max.
I have freely admitted previously that I wanted Lewis to win, yet I give hearty congratulations to Max.
He has gone from an emotional and rash rookie to a world champion.
He has risen to the occasion and performed especially this season and we could see it coming like a last-minute lunge from a long way back.
Next season promises to be a corker, especially if George Russell lives up to expectation (huge) to take one of the two best cars on the track and give Lews AND Max a proper race.
Sad for Lewis that it ended this way.
Well done to Red Bull and Max.

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