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‘The bottom line is thoughts aren’t facts – a few are, but even they are usually subject to interpretation and perception, but most are not and are made up by our minds thinking in the past or fearing the future.’

— David Wine

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Have you heard this expression before?

“Thoughts are not facts”.

With all the hoo-hah about what we see on social media, and the way in which it is “distorting our reality” (it is our reality, it might be we want a different one), there is a bigger source of fake news.

That would be inside our heads.

The one that tells us why people did the things they did, “They don’t like you”.

Or the one that tells you you are no good at anything.

And on, and on, and on.

The same one that says, “People should just ignore it”, which is, of course, a judgement on others and ignores the facts of their lived experience.

The many and varied ways in which my thoughts fill in gaps and create stories.

I heard two well-established coaches, in two different places, say this week, “I am not technical, I refuse to use technology because I can’t make it work.”

This is a story, a thought, something to hold on to. There might be other options and other stories here, but this is the one that is chosen.

If you are curious about what I do, one part of my work is helping my clients explore these narratives and decide which truth they need.

So be kind to yourself today and if a thought makes you feel bad about yourself, ask if it is true.

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