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โ€˜The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.โ€™

— Eden Phillpotts

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When I first started posting daily thoughts with quotations in April last year, I bought some books on eBay full of quotes. I have twenty of them but rarely look in them. I also keep a master file of all the quotes I’ve used (trying to avoid duplicates) and I also collected quotes I liked for when the mood and the quoted aligned.

Because I used to build databases (I suppose) the quotes all have a unique ID and this number tells me roughly when I collected it.

This quote is one I collected in May 2020, and today is the day it fits my mood.

There is magic if you look for it and set your sights on things close at hand. A plant pushing its way through the soil, a bird sitting on the guttering singing its little heart out or the frosty crystal grass in the morning when I go for my walk, these are all magical in their way.

When we take things for granted and stop seeing the magic, then it becomes easy to be cynical and harder to be happy.

The same is true of people, and sometimes people we know need a little nudge, or a hug, or a kind word, just to remember that there is magic in the world around us.

Today is Sunday. A good day to let someone know that there is still magic in the universe and it is a lot closer to home than they think.

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