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‘I will venture to maintain that where the teacher is not pleasing to the pupil, there is no education.’

— Xenophon

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It is the start of a new work week for me and my thoughts have turned to teaching.

Or I should say the learning of teaching as a skill.

Last week I submitted my written essay to complete my training as a Team Coach.

This week my thoughts have turned to the other training I have in progress, which has been sidelined for a few weeks.

In supervision training, I am in the space between the classes (does this count as “Ma” in Japan?)

In teacher training, I have three essays to submit, I’ve done the theory now I need to submit the written evidence that I have taken it on board.

When that is assessed, and assuming I pass, I move from Level 3 to Level 5 training and repeat the process.

For those in the UK, I am doing the updated version of DTLS (often called dettles) and now called AET (adult education teaching qualification).

I have delivered management & leadership training during 2021 and I’m now working on an advanced program for 2022, and also getting involved with organisations that deliver training & workshops. More on this tomorrow!

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