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โ€˜The long-term pain suffered by suppressing emotions is far greater than the short-term pain of confronting them.โ€™

— Sam Owen

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In conversation with my supervisor yesterday the topic turns to clients who suppress emotions.

This is a very common occurrence, I would say that in my client base it is something the majority have learned to do.

In a world where happiness is portrayed as a worry-free, pain-free; discomfort-free existence surrounding by beautiful things, it is somewhat inevitable that we hide, run from, or generally ignore feelings of discomfort.

At no point in the education system are we taught that these unpleasant feelings are normal, part of living your life, and useful.

Emotions carry valuable information which we can use to make decisions about our actions and circumstances.

When we start doing that, living in the present, learning to sit with discomfort, and accepting the ups and downs of our own emotions as helpful – then we can live our lives and be happy with the moment rather than turning happiness into an aspirational “perfect” lifestyle.

I have worked with many clients who have learned to do this and will consistently describe how much “better” they feel.

Remembering to do it myself is just as hard for me as it is for my clients.

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