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‘Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.’

— Stephen R Covey

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What does it really mean? Something that came up in our supervision training last week got me thinking about the ways we betray a lack of trust.

Actually, it got me thinking about what was going on for the person who betrayed this lack of trust. In what way(s) did they feel insecure or unsafe?

What does trust mean to you – is it absolute or are there degrees of trust?

In client work, the question of trust often comes up in personal relationships. It seems that trust is eroded slowly at first, often by anxiety, and that from this subtle erosion comes a complete collapse in the relationship.

Once trust has been lost can it be regained? Is it actually possible, or even advisable, to “forgive but not forget”?

The issue that arose on the course was confidentiality – we did not specifically “contract” for confidentiality. I was okay with that, I could choose to not reveal confidential information (that would be about third parties), and only reveal things about myself that felt safe. I couldn’t think of anything that didn’t feel safe so my trust was based on my fears of lack of them, not the actions or attitudes of a recently met classmate.

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