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โ€˜The waterways are charged with magic, but nothing about them is more magical than the difference made by the few feet of water which separate the boat from the land.โ€™

— Robert Aickman

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For three days, including today, I have been travelling two hours each way to a training course in London.

The training centre is a fine Georgian style (and huge) house, tucked into the armpit formed by the Westway, Warwick Crescent and the Grand Union Canal in Paddington.

Yesterday was a glorious day, and I took the chance to sit on a bench and watch canal life at lunchtime. I needed a bit of time to relax and unwind from the subtle intensity of supervision training.

I have long had a fascination with and love for canals and have toyed with buying a boat, and even living on “the cut”.

This picture is in Little Venice, next to Paddington Central and Paddington Station. Here the Grand Union Canal (to the left) and the Regents Canal (straight ahead) join, with the Paddington Basin branch of the Grand Union to the right.

It is a pleasant spot and if you travel by boat you can get to Birmingham (and beyond) or Limehouse in East London – at a very leisurely 4 mph.

Supervision training repeats the words “slow down” many times, and here is a perfect example of a way to slow down.

Time for another canal-based holiday I think.

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