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‘I am thankful for all those difficult people in my life. They have shown me exactly who I do not want to be.’

— Unknown

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For the second week running, The Sunday Times has a piece on someone I used to work with, and it is not a good piece for them.

I knew at the time that they were “wrong ‘uns” and when I worked it out chose to make my excuses and run.

I can recall at the time thinking only that I was not in a good place, that I needed to get away.

The flight response.

Yet now, seeing their names dragged through the mud in a national newspaper, I can reflect on what I learned from the experience.

It is not often I will use an unattributed quote – perhaps twice in the eighteen months I’ve been writing this blog.

Yet this one leapt out of the page at me from my collection, it just seemed so right.

For all the dodgy dealers, liars, and frauds that I have worked with, I have not been tempted to join them.

I would rather be honest, have integrity and suffer the consequences (losing work mostly).

And now my work with leaders and managers is partly about making them less difficult to work with.

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