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โ€˜She existed in her friends; there she was. All the parts of herself she’d forgotten. She knew herself best when she was with them.โ€™
— Ann Brashares
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Every day this month I am reaching out to someone I haven’t seen in a long time and suggesting we meet.
It is a slow process but doing it every day, one by one, feels more meaningful than doing a mass broadcast.
I really like this quote, it is the reflections of the mirrors we call our friends that we see the most and the best of ourselves.
As I often say, I write these words every single day just for me. I don’t do it to count likes, and I often forget that anyone reads them. Like Julia Cameron’s morning pages (which I also write by hand) they are a process for me.
They allow me to ask myself how I’m feeling, what’s on my mind, and to share things that come up in my daily life.
Not wildly interesting things, I haven’t published a best-seller or raised several million pounds.
Good things happen and I share some of them. Bad things also happen and I share some of those too.
Yet I only really “see” me and my writing when someone says a kind word. I was surprised this week when someone said that they read the words every day and enjoy them.
If I can do that, forge a connection that someone else finds helpful in some way, then I am happy.

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