📅 Thought for today:

‘To change any behavior we have to slow down and act intentionally rather than from habit and impulse.’

— Henna Inam

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Taking a step back has given me some freedom to define and act with intention.

We all have habits we want to change, and sometimes, the harder we try to change them, the more we do them.

One technique I know is effective is to make less space for the habits.

To do this, we can deliberately and intentionally fill the space where the habit happens with something else.

Rather than stopping the habit we intentionally do some other activity.

I have been thinking about what these things are for me, and I am already inspired by Julia Cameron.

You may recall I started “The Artist’s Way” last week – curious and exploring rather than judging and resisting.

I haven’t finished the book but have already started doing some of the suggestions.

We do have a choice, it just isn’t obvious sometimes.

I have a week left of this step-back and I’ve already decided that I am going to be more proactive in September about contacting and meeting people.

You have been warned! (lol)

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