Thought for today:

‘Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.’
— Mark Twain
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Lightning did its work last night.
At 4am the loudest thunderstorm I have heard in a long while arrived directly above our house.
Lightning flashed and thunder immediately struck.
The sound was so loud it made my body shake and yet also interesting.
If the world was splitting in two in a movie, that is the sound effect I would use.
Deep bass rumbles with gun cracks and tearing sounds reverberating around the buildings.
It was deeply impressive – I do love a good storm.
Naturally, we had rain befitting this giant, huge lumps of rain cast towards the ground and hitting the windows with sloppy thumps.
I love storms because they are reminders that we can survive the chaos of an elemental power we cannot control.
I feel invigorated today as if I have picked up energy from the storm – time to write!

City of London, UK

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