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‘You’re the painter of your life. Don’t give the brush to anyone else.’
— Zaki Anwari
‘You are the artist of your life. Don’t give the paintbrush to anyone else.’
— Iva Ursano
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The first quote is the final Facebook post of a nineteen-year-old Afghan footballer.
His body was discovered in the landing gear of a US Airforce C17 military transport aircraft when it landed in Qatar from Kabul.
This was the flight photographed with 640 people on board.
Zaki’s post is an adaptation of a quote by Iva Ursano, and I would say a poignant improvement.
I am thinking a lot about the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.
Blame is not useful, dealing with the present situation is most important at this moment.
The accountability should come though, and nations should learn from the results of their actions, which may take many years to become visible.

Zaki Anwari

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