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โ€˜The sense of smell, like a faithful counsellor, foretells its character.โ€™

— Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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I have been surprised to discover that a lot of people have been returning to normal much sooner than I have in terms of travelling and meeting people.

I think I have been head-down with my work, virtually all virtual, and not noticed a return to normal movement.

I visited a friend in Birmingham yesterday, and as you would expect, it was all uneventful.

The train was thinly populated on the way up and busier on the way back but never full.

Many people did not wear face masks on the train or in the stations, I mostly did.

Some people wore masks walking around town, most didn’t, including me.

What I really noticed was the smells.

I have not been out much for a year and I found the smells almost overwhelming. Never unpleasant, just so strong and noticeable.

From the strong scent of weed on the construction worker who joined at Leamington Spa to the heady perfume of the woman in the seat behind me, it was all so much more present, almost insistent.

I mused for the entire journey (boiling hot, the heating was on) on this heightened sense of smell.

The world had given it some real work to do.

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