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‘[Burnout] isn’t a personal problem. It’s a societal one—and it will not be cured by productivity apps, or a bullet journal, or face mask skin treatments, or overnight [fracking] oats.’

— Anne Helen Petersen

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I have seen an increase in burnout in my clients.

For some, this is clearly a result of working from home, especially in those that live alone.

The normal time boundaries of work and life are blurred, knowing when to stop and start has become obscure.

They drive themselves harder and harder. Thinking they need to prove they are working so they are “at work” more than they normally would be.

As they start the burnout cycle, so they become convinced they need to work harder.

They reduce social contact whether face to face or remotely.

They withdraw from nourishing activities and as a result, their sleep, diet, and exercise are all impaired.

This fuels their anxiety and the spiral tightens its turns.

They tell me that they cannot step back, it is impossible to take a break and that the consequences will be dire.

What are the consequences of not taking a break?

I have a simple burnout test I use with clients, many of whom do not believe that it is necessary – they ignore the early warning signs.

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