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πŸ“… Thought for today:

‘Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand.’

— Roy T Bennett

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This again.

How often do you find yourself talking to someone and realise they are listening to reply?

They are just itching to leap in and tell you whatever it is they want to say. They are not listening. They are not respecting.

I know someone who was like this the very first time I met him, ten years ago, and is still like this now. He simply does not listen to what is said to him. He is respected in his field, is not short of work, and in many other respects is a pleasant and engaging individual.

I stopped talking to him years ago. There was no point.

Senior management teams can be like this. They make decisions for good reason and expect to be feted for their work, and so when someone points out an obvious flaw they stop listening.

Or when employees claim their work environment is abusive, the management counter-claims the company is ambitious and it’s tough out of necessity. Macho-culture.

I start running training in Active Listening in September – contact me if you’re interested (it will be online).

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