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‘The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking.’

— Nancy Kline

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Nancy Kline wrote a book called “Time to Think”.

It was followed by “More Time to Think” and more recently “The Promise that Changes Everything”.

All parts of a leadership and coaching business encouraging a different way to work together and innovate.

Her work draws on other people’s work in psychotherapy and coaching and is a valuable contribution to the ways in which we communicate, collaborate and innovate. I reference her work often and have friends who are accredited Time to Think coaches.

This quote came to mind today as a result of some client sessions last week.

Paying attention, active listening, when someone else is speaking is a rare skill.

Coaches and therapists are taught it, yet managers are not.

I am most interested in Psychology Safety in the workplace – I think Kline’s work and active listening fit under the umbrella of psychological safety – something I teach often as a core element of management and leadership.

I think active listening as a skill is so powerful that we should be teaching it in schools, alongside emotional intelligence.

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