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‘I saw-in my fifth decade in a field with 150,000 chemically sandblasted, euphorically Botoxed, giroscopically unstable weekend hippies. It was a great big joyous cosmic bendy neon rainbow fruit-gum chum with medieval plumbing.’

— AA Gill

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Although I have been to a great many festivals in my time, I came to Glastonbury later in life.

Not too late you understand, just late.

For every reaction from friends of, “God no, all that mud and smelly toilets,” I say only comment when you’ve been and allowed yourself to fully engage. To judge without experiencing it is unlikely to get much eartime with me.

If it had been going ahead this year, I would have been driving to Somerset today for the start of five days in a tent.

Admittedly, a tent in a private field, with reasonable toilets and warm showers. We each do our festivals in our own way.

To be immersed in the atmosphere, to see musicians, poets, stand-up, circus acts and theatre all in one place, with 150,000 other people going out of their way to be nice to everyone else is my idea of heaven.

Whatever the weather. We were there in 2016 which was one of the wet ones. Whoever said there is no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing was right.

Dreaming of the Isle of Avalon.

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