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‘High standards in a context where there is uncertainty or interdependence (or both) combined with a lack of psychological safety comprise a recipe for suboptimal performance.’

— Amy C Edmondson

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I’ve been teaching Psychological Safety this week as well as researching for a new book.

There is no better place to start, in my opinion, than with “The Fearless Organization” by Amy Edmondson.

Edmondson is Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School and a pioneer in the field of Psychology Safety.

When I tested out my network on this term last year, I had mixed responses, it clearly meant nothing to a significant number of people.

I predict that this will change in the next few years – its impact on motivation, productivity and workplace satisfaction is proven and significant.

Check out Project Aristotle by Google (you can Google it!)

The best place to introduce the concepts, and to develop good practice, is in new, high-growth companies.

The very ones I work with (and the founders behind them).

I would dearly like to see command and control style management consigned to history.

The current and next generations of business leaders get this a lot better than untrained managers who have been doing the same thing for the past 25 years!

If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change 

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