Thought for today:

‘The past gets carried with us. It’s always there.’

— Ann Pearlman

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It is a common question in my client sessions.

“Has my past influenced my behaviour now?”

I paraphrase, it is usually much more specific than that.

For instance, “Is my father’s disinterest in us as a family a factor in my poor personal relationships?”

There are different models (modalities) of therapy, and each would have its own approach to this.

There are those who say that you cannot change the past so focus on changing your present.

Others will say that understanding the past will help a client understand themselves.

And yet others will say that getting to acceptance of the past events is necessary to move forward.

We cannot change the past, we carry it with us.

Memories fade, injustice loses its burn and pain recedes.

Just as the good things in our past lose their impact.

They are still there though.


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