Thought for today:

‘But calm, white calm, was born into a swan.’

— Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth

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I was out for a walk this morning, just a few miles, a couple of hours after sunrise.

The day length is changing rapidly – sunrise today was at 05:33.

The local lake was dominated by swans, and I saw at least four swan nests.

The swan is a source of many expressions and legends.

In Celtic mythology the swan is able to move between the spiritual and earthly worlds.

And in German folklore Swanhilde is the daughter of a fairy king and human woman (best not to think too hard about that one).

I gave up counting the swans on the lake, at least 30 and probably a lot more.

I did see cygnets just a few days old – all small fluffy bundles.

It was indeed calming to watch swans – all grace and beauty – serenely, calmly, moving across the water.


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