Thought for today:

‘A year from now you may wish you had started today.’

— Karen Lamb

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One year ago I had just started posting these daily thoughts.

One year ago I had just started running a virtual pub (The Isolation Inn – still going).

And I wish one year ago I had started writing my books.

I don’t actually regret that I didn’t, I just used it as a catalyst to get going.

The week that just ended has been too busy.

I put too many things together on Thursday & Friday.

I was being trained (BeTalent Assessment Tools) and training (Management for Beginners).

I had private clients for coaching and therapy as well as a team coaching session with a wonderful co-coach.

I have learned from this that it is OK when needed yet not ideal.

So today I will start pacing out the work more effectively.

I will also leave larger gaps between clients (I need to write up and process).

As my own practice has grown during the past year, I need to adapt and change the way I approach my days.

Happy May Day – what will you start doing today?


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