Thought for today:

‘The course of the seasons is a piece of clockwork, with a cuckoo to call when it is spring.’

— Georg C Lichtenberg

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I saw something today that I haven’t seen since 1 BC (before covid).

And I don’t mean my toes!

The roads around us are normally very quiet, yet today there was a small queue of cars.

This is a sign that the main routes are busy and backed up.

So drivers take a “short-cut” – which normally takes a lot longer but must make them feel like they’re winning.

I haven’t seen that since before the lockdown, a sure sign that people are going to work in the morning.

I enjoy the quiet of the morning on my walks, the sound of birdsong and nothing much else.

Now the drone of distant traffic is back, people are bustling about on foot and by car, busses rumble around.

If the wind is from the southwest we can hear the sound of train horns as they enter the station a couple of miles away.

Yet I am sure I heard a cuckoo this morning, the herald of spring.

It made me smile.

Just as the sap is rising in trees and the leaves are coming out, so we humans are also rising again.



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