27th April 2021

Thought for today:

‘Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.’

— Nelson Mandela

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It is human nature to look for problems ahead.

What might be difficult, what might go wrong?

We feed our own anxiety and may begin to believe that we cannot cope.

Anxiety serves a purpose – anticipating danger is a survival instinct.

There are enough real dangers without us feeding the anxiety!

I often have clients who have achieved something and want to talk about the next problem.

I encourage them to reflect on what they have achieved, to note it and give themselves credit.

In rushing on from an achievement, moving to the next challenge, we can lose sight of the positives.

For some, a new challenge is motivating – and this is fine.

Yet there is always time to say, “well done!” to yourself.

What would you acknowledge today?


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