Thought for today:

‘Real are the dreams of Gods, and smoothly pass Their pleasures in a long immortal dream. ‘

— John Keats

‘Life is but a dream, within a dream.’

— William Shakespeare

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Fresh from finishing “Love’s Executioner” by Irvin Yalom (almost for the second time), I dream of dreams.

In his book, Yalom discusses the dreams of his patients, how they relate to their lives and how to use them.

I am no psychoanalyst, but dreaming about having dreams seems to me to relate to my reading.

And yet…

My first real message of the day is from a friend, who has had a dream.

I say real message because I don’t count automated updates from various companies.

Whilst a coincidence (the message about a dream), it amused me as I had already decided to write about dreams today.

And just for a change, to include two quotes instead of one.

I used to think dreams were just a way for the brain to tidy up at the end of the day.

Yet sometimes they seem to be playing out things that are on our mind.

Have you had a good dream lately?


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