Thought for today:
‘If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.’
— Tallulah Bankhead
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When I first started putting up my daily thoughts with a quotation, I bought some books of quotes.
Most of them came from eBay and were very cheap, although some were very expensive at £2.
Some days I dip into them, with some theme in mind.
Today was such a day.
I picked up “Quotable Quotes for Quoters” by Aubrey Malone.
I found this quote in the section “Life’s Vagaries”.
Yesterday I found a collection of 35mm slides (transparencies) and decided to scan them in.
I managed this whilst doing other things at the same time, but it took most of the day (300 slides).
I also found plenty of blank or unidentifiable slides – which I have been carefully keeping for 30-40 years.
I also found pictures of bands I toured with, friends I met when studying for my degree, and places I used to live.
I reflected on this, not being particularly nostalgic, and no specific regrets.
But I do wish I hadn’t transported those slides around umpty-tump house moves!

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