Thought for today:

‘Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.’

— James Baldwin

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Coaching and counselling both involve clients who want to change in some way.

I often hear coaches saying “counsellors fix things, coaches help people achieve their goals”.

In fact, someone said just that on Clubhouse this week.

This is not true.

We both (coaches and counsellors) help our clients face up to change in some way.

Our clients do the work – in fact, they must, we cannot do the work for them.

We are skilled in helping people make their own changes.

I have been developing my own hybrid style, blending the skills I have been trained in.

Yet at its heart, my practice can only work with clients who want to work with me.

And that essential motivation to seek assistance in making a change makes all the difference.

It is also very brave – if you have done this you will know this.

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