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‘I am free of most encumbrances, so I am free of regret, the most debilitating of indulgences. If you must be regretful, regret what you didn’t do, not what you did. A man (sic) lets too many smiling opportunities pass him by.’

— A B Guthrie

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Sometimes we do regret the things we did, or the things we said.

They can sit on our shoulders weighing us down with shame, or guilt.

Other times though we regret the things we didn’t do.

From simple things like, “I should have spoken to him sooner”, to “I wish I had tried that”.

And sometimes you can change things that didn’t happen by making them happen now.

So it was with a client recently – “it’s never too late to have a go!”, she said.

Are there opportunities before you now that you will regret not taking?

By the way, A B Guthrie was a writer of Westerns and the screenplay for Shane, not to be confused with A D Guthrie, the American folk-singer (Arlo).

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