Thought for today:
‘There isn’t a way things should be. There’s just what happens, and what we do.’
— Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky
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I felt in need of a little levity today.
Like many people I have experienced some wild dreams, last night was wilder than most.
In the cinema of my mind, a double billing of hallucinogenic nonsense.
So a Terry Pratchett quote was called for.
Yet the one I picked – seemingly at random – was relevant to my day and work in general.
I have quoted Epictetus several times, and this quote is a variant on that.
Things happen. We seek a reason. Even if there isn’t one, we make one up.
Then respond to the thing we made up.
And sometimes that leads to distress, disturbance, emotional discomfort.
It wasn’t the event that caused this.

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