Thought for today:

‘Calm is not a place where there is no noise or activity. It is the ability to be in the midst of these,
yet experiencing peace within.’

— Shilpa Menon

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This is how I feel today.

It has been a big week, and some of my clients have big plans for me in 2021.

That doesn’t necessarily mean I will go along with them.

And this week I have gained three new coaching/therapy clients.

One in the USA, one in the UK and one in Asia.

Tomorrow is my last day of work, I will be taking a two-week break.

So today is the calm before the storm – a postponed workshop leaves me with the chance to be calm.

To resist the urge to do, and practice being.

To be mindful.

One big push tomorrow, for which it is not possible to prepare, I just need to show up and be present.

For now, I will daydream, and do bits of admin if I feel like it.

Maybe think about taking a calm moment for yourself, whatever chaos is going on around you.

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