Thought for today:

‘Choices are the hinges of destiny.’

— Edwin Markham

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Sometimes there is no “right” choice.

You are faced with making a decision and realise it is better to do so.

Can you live with the decision you have made?

It is easy sometimes to think “I should have gone the other way”.

Yet, we can’t do that, and we don’t know what would have happened.

So is it better to commit to making the most of the decision we have made?

Will new paths and opportunities open up before us?

Or do we quietly stew in our thoughts and make our choice fail because we failed to commit?

This dilemma, or one very similar, has cropped up twice recently with my clients.

One said, “I knew this was the wrong choice, that’s why I’ve stopped working on it.”

I love this quote so much, but it does miss the point that making a choice and then committing to it, is important.

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