Thought for today:

‘You can never be true to others if you keep on lying to yourself.’

— Gift Gugu Mona

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It is usually around this time of year that I reflect on the year just gone, and make some decisions.

This has been an extraordinary year for all of us, so it is particularly important to reflect on what has just gone.

For work, I try to work out what I want to do more of, less of and not at all.

It is typically a time when I end business relationships and make big decisions.

This year has been very busy, but I realise I am doing a lot of different things.

And some of them, even though paid work, are not what I want to do more of next year.

Therapy and coaching are what I want to do most.

Especially therapy.

It is fulfilling, rewarding and I feel it is what I am here to do.

I think it is time to let go of some of the other things to make space for more of what I want to do.

If you reflect on 2020, what do you want to do more of, less of, not at all in 2021?

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